The 2000 World Series of Poker will be held at Binion's Horseshoe between April 24 and May 18, 2000.

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Note: Most World Series of Poker Events are two day events. The final table is played the evening of the day after the event is scheduled. That means you will not see the results of an event until 2 days after the start of that event (usually).

Schedule of Events

Special Notice: This year both the Satellites and live side games will be spread beginning on Thursday, April 20th.

Event DateEventBuy-in
April 20, ThuSatellites Begin
April 22, Sat Dealers Tournament $500+$40
April 24, Mon Texas Hold'em (Limit) $2,000+$70
April 25, Tue Seven Card Stud $1,500+$70
April 26, Wed Omaha $1,500+$70
April 27, Thur Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo $1,500+$70
April 28, Fri Omaha (Pot Limit)
(Rebuys First Two Hours)
April 29, Sat Omaha Hi-Lo $1,500+$70
April 30, Sun Texas Hold'em (No Limit) $2,000+$70
May 1, Mon Seven Card Stud $2,500+$80
May 2, Tue Texas Hold'em (Pot Limit) $2,000+$70
May 3, Wed Texas Hold'em (Limit) $3,000+$80
May 4, Thu Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo $2,500+$80
May 4, Thu
Deuce to Seven (No Limit)
Rebuys First Two Hours
May 5, Fri Omaha (Pot Limit)
(Rebuys First Two Hours)
May 6, Sat Ace to Five Draw Lowball $1,500+$70
May 7, Sun Omaha Hi-Lo $2,500+$80
May 8, Mon Razz $1,500+$70
May 9, Tue Texas Hold'em (Pot Limit) $3,000+$80
May 10, Wed Seven Card Stud $5,000+$100
May 11, Thur Texas Hold'em (No Limit) $3,000+$80
May 12, Fri Omaha Hi-Lo $5,000+$100
May 13, Sat Texas Hold'em (Limit) $5,000+$100
May 14, Sun Women's Championship
(Half Hold'em, Half Stud)
May 14, Sun (4:00 pm) Press Invitational
May 15-18
World Championship - Texas Hold'em (No Limit)
Buy-in $10,000
First Place Guarantee $1,500,000
(based upon 450 players)
Day 1
Day 2
The Final Table

This is a preliminary schedule and is subject to change without notice.
All tournaments begin promptly at noon unless otherwise noted.
For room reservations call Emily Fitzsimmons, 800-622-6468 or 702-382-1600.
For additional information visit Binion's World Series of Poker site.

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